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Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie dell'Informazione


  • Formal Methods in Computer Science:
    • Semantics of Sequential and Concurrent Programming Languages.
    • Type Systems, Process Calculi, Behavioral Equivalences, and Modal Logics.
    • Modeling and Verification of Concurrent, Distributed, and Mobile Systems.
    • Performance Evaluation and Security Analysis of Computer Systems and Networks.
    • Foundations of Software Architecture and Engineering.
    • Component-Based Software Systems and Web Services.
    • Automated Support for Model-Driven Software Development.

  • Computer Systems and Applications:
    • Mobile Systems.
    • Geographic Information Systems.
    • Real-Time Systems.
    • Embedded Operating Systems.
    • Web Technologies.
    • Multimedia Applications.
    • Computer Simulation of Biological Neural Networks.
    • Bioinformatics.
    • Bioelectronics.

  • Computer Architecture:
    • Dynamic Power Management of Digital Circuits and Systems.
    • CAD for Low-Power Integrated Circuits.
    • Signal Integrity in Deep Sub-Micron Integrated Circuits.
    • Intellectual-Property Protection in Digital System Design.

  • Digital Signal Processing:
    • Adaptive Filtering.
    • Nonlinear Filtering.
    • Nonlinear Equalization.
    • Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
    • Active Noise Control.
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